Food-A-Rama 2018 is here!!

Wednesday, May 16th

Shopping & Carry-Out

10:00 AM—7:00 PM

Lunch Served

10:00 AM—1:30 PM 

 Food-A-Rama is almost here. Our most successful fundraiser could never be a reality without everyone in our congregation taking part. Here are some ways you can help.

-Review your FAR primer.
-Call the office for more tickets if needed
-Drop off your bakery items on Tuesday, May 15th. People love the homemade bakery items.
-Fill out your pre-order form and be prepared to pick it up on Tuesday, May 15th
-See your mail/bulletin with the poster and forms to help promote the event
-Send in your contributions.
-Review your assignment responsibilities.
-If you are able to help the week of, contact Faye Marcus.
-Contact the office if you have any questions.